Imereti geographical location, landscape, historical cultural and natural monuments, agriculture, rich national and especially Imerian hospitality traditions present the good condition for tourism in the Region.

In Imereti are 333 historical monuments, which give the guest the clear imagine about the richest culture and history of Georgian from the late ancient age till the beginning of the 20-th century. Their location in the conditions of beautiful landscape of Imereti leaves the unforgettable impression on the visitor.

Imereteti region is rich with flora and fauna. The forest area consists of 250 000 hectare of the territory, which are nicely connected with mountain landscape. The maximum highness is 2850 meter above seal level. You can meet here coniferous and mixed forest together with deciduous forest, representative fauna characterized for Caucasus: Caucasian bear, boar, deer, fawn, fox, wolf and jacket, also are rich with birds world. Ecological cleanness and wild nature makes it interesting for traveler. Such zones are: Sataplia, Ajameti, Mukhnari, Vani, Chiatura, Bagdadi and especially Borjomi-Kharagauli Park, which expends on the 240 00 hectare territory and is the richest with flora and fauna. Tourism and recreational zones are the territories where nowadays are Tkibuli, Shaori and Rionhesi reservoirs. Except the big lakes in Imereti we also meet the natural lakes on the 1000 and 1500 meter above seal level.

Territory of Imereti, as well as total Georgia, is represented with historical-cultural monuments of antique, late and early Christianity age. Each of them is the un exhaust sources for tourists groups and specialists. Only in Imereti Region are more than 250 such monuments.