Mtskheta- Mtianeti

Territory – 805,5 km². Population -63,9 thousand. Average annual temperature in summer: +25, +35 grade Celsius, in winter: -1,-10 grade Celsius. Centre of region – c. Mtskheta. Territory - km², Population –

Mtskheta-Mtianeti region is the newest unit in the history of political-administrative dividing of Georgia. The regional centre is c. Mtskheta, listed in the UNESCO protection. In the Region of Mtskheta- Mtianeti are different types of climate: subtropical, moderate humid and warm, moderate humid and cold, sub-alp and alp.

Region of Mtskheta- Mtianeti is very interesting for tourists with its history, culture, museums and churches-monasteries, which creates the great potency for development of cultural and pilgrim tourism.

The main cultural monuments of the Region are: Svetitskhoveli – the saint place of orthodox world, Jvari Monastery, Shiomgvime, Zedazeni, Ananuri castle-fortress, Koroglo church, Bodorna church, Shatili, Mutso, Chargali, ruins of oldest city Zhaleti, Ochani castle, Gergeti church, Sioni, Sno castle, Dariali castle, site of ancient settlement of Dzalisi and etc. 
The beautiful nature of the region, natural monuments, protected territories, water-falls and other sightseeing creates the great conditions for developing of eco-tourism.

Kazbegi forest reserve includes the interesting gorges in point of eco-tourism: Truso, Sno, Dariali and Khando. The tourists are exalted, with the life-style of local people. Almost in every village are kept the old traditions and customs.
In the Region are some resorts where are possible curable and rafting tourism.

Pasanauri –climate- balneotherapeutic health resort. Curable natural factors are climate of Shuamta and springs mineral waters. They are effective as well for drinking (in case of diseases of digestive organs), as for bathing procedures musculoskeletal system and diseases of blood circulations system).

Pasanauri is also the starting point of rafting on the river Aragvi. Rafting places are also already appropriated on the river of Pshavi Aragvi (from Magaroskari till Ananuri)

Stepantsminda – (Kazbegi). Climate-balneotherapeutic health resort - prophylaxis, for curing of pylmonological, 
gastrological diseases. Here is fresh and clear air, it has the positive influence on the breath organs of non-tuberculosis diseases. Beside of mountain climate here is also mineral water springs. These mineral waters are used for drinking-curing of diseases of digestive organs.

Ananuri –climatic. Profile – prophylaxis, pylmonological, nevrological. In Mtskheta-Mtianeti region there are many places for rafting, alpinism, mountain-trekking and horse tourism.

Rafting is possible on the river Aragvi, territory of Pasanauri-Meneso and Magaroskari-Tvalivi.

The alpinist tourists can make tour on the picks of Kazbegi region.

Mkinvartsveri (5047m above sea level), Zilgakhokhi, Adlasani, Lagtsiti, Esikomi, Khorisari, Sadzeli, Kvenamta, Chaukhi.

The interesting relief is a good factor for jeep tours.