Svaneti region is one of the biggest and strongest mountain range in Caucasus. It is situated on the southern slopes of the central Caucasus. Population is till 20 000. Ethnic Georgians are Svans – 90%. The traditional economical activity of population is live-stock, small private agricultural firms. The main products are: milk, cheese, meat, milk productions. The region has the huge tourism potencial. The main tourism directions are: cultural heritage and alpine nature Svaneti is in a list of UNESCOWorld Heritage Sites.

Traditional tourism heritage are: alpinism, camping (6 picks are on the 5000 meter above sea level), ethnographical excursions, steps of cultural heritage.

Even nowadays, Svaneti attracts many travelers, as the land of towers and Golden Fleece. The local people guarantees the sleeping places for travelers and depends on its quantity. There are home-hotels in the villages of Ushguli, Mestia, Jabeshi, Mazeri and etc.

Unique architectural and ethnographical heritage, traditional holidays, landscape, mountain picks (5150m high) and glaciers attract the attentions of mountaineers and west travelers.

Svaneti is one of the visit card of Georgia in world tourism for creating the famous face. The atmosphere of this region attracts as well Georgians as foreigners. The oldest towers and huge mountains attract the viewer from the first minute.

Svaneti is rich with architectural monuments of middle feudalism, inhabited complexes, towers (date back from XII century), agricultural building, furniture with original ornaments and household articles.

The region is rich with archeological material and national created exponents of middle centuries.

The churches of Svaneti are distinguished with tradition and unique painting. They are distinguished with not only their painting but also their local architectural signs. The saints,kept here, attract many pilgrims on the appropriated religion holiday.

Introducing the historical monuments is on of the main tourism direction in Svaneti.

The interesting relief is a good factor for jeep tours , at this time tourist has the possibility to see the beauty of Svaneti nature.