Kakheti is one of the largest Region of Georgia. Its administration unit is as well Kakheti as historical Region – Tusheti 
In Kakheti are represented variety of climate and landscape, we meet here as well subtropical as steppe nature. Average annual temperature in winter is +14 Grade Celsius, in summer + 23 +25 Grade Celsius.

The nature of Kakheti is variety, we meet here semi-desert, ever-green forests and sub-alps flora. The lowest place is Eldari Plain, on the 90-150 m. above sea level, and the highest – Tebulo Mountain - 4493m.

The average highness of Tusheti is 1880m.

Kakheti is famous with number of cultural monuments. Many of church-monastery or castle-fortress attracts the attention of the tourists and travellers.

The famous cultural monuments of Kakheti are: Ninotsminda, Bodbe, Khornabuji, Ujarma, Signagi, Gurjaani Kvelatsminda, Alaverdi, new and alt Shuamta, Ikalto, Gremi, Nekresi…

Each of church-monastery are representative of old tradition, till nowadays here are celebrated their name-holidays. This is the best factor for the pilgrims or just for the persons who are interesting in cultural tourism.

The region has a great potential for development of wine tourism. The history of wine in Kakheti begins in III-II century B.C. and presents till nowadays the important branch of economic in Region. The wine fabrics of Georgia are mostly in Kakheti concentrated. The tourists are offered with different cervices in the fabrics: they are introduced with fabric process, wine testing, Georgian traditions in the special arranged ethnographical edges. Testing of wine is also possible in the traditional Georgian families, the tourist also can test wine in old and new style wine-cellar produced with Kakhurian technology and also taste the Georgian dishes (mostly with Georgian songs).The wine festival is arranged in every year.

In Kakheti territory there are six protected territories -Batsara, Babaneuli, Mariamjvari and Vashlovani forest reserve, national parks of Tusheti and Lagodekhi. Each of them presents to the nature-lover the magnificent nature monuments. Here is also possible to watch the birds.

The interesting relief is a good factor for jeep tours.