Adjara – one of the most beautiful and oldest historical region of Georgia is located on the south-western part of the country, on the Black Sea. It has the border with Turkey on the south and extends to the Chaneti and Shavsheti Ridges, on the east – Arsiani Ridge and its ramification.

The total area is 2.900 Km 2 , the 4,2 % of Georgian territory, population are more than 4000. Adjara is an autonomous republic of Georgia. The capital is Batumi, with 5 administrative regions: Kobuleti, Khelvachauri, Keda, Shuakhevi, Khulo and c. Batumi. The most part of territory consists of mountains, foothills and deep gorges, the coastal area consists of lowlands of Khobuleti and Khakhaberi, and between Meskheti, Shavsheti and Arsiani ranges is located Adjara Cave.

There is surplus, humid, subtropical climate on the coastal lowlands, with warm winter and hot summer. There is humid climate on the highlands, with moderate cold winter and short and hot summer. The average temperature in summer in coastland is 26 degrees Celsius, the sea-water temperature + 23 °С +24 °С degrees Celsius.

The natural-recreational resources of Adjara are: favorable climate, warm sea, highlands and lowlands and different ranges, covered with wood and endemic plant, animal world, unique monuments of nature. Rich folklore, different dishes, hospitality, the important objects of culture (churches, museums, theatres)

Resort Batumi –The capital of Adjara autonomic Republic, is located on the south-eastern coast of the Black Sea, with more than 135 000 population, Batumi is important transport, tourism and cultural centre. The city is served by the airport, marine, railway and auto stations.

One of the beautiful recreational and cultural coastal park of the Black Sea is Beauty of Batumi – with colorful musical fountain, tennis places, summer cafe-bars. The hotels are placed in the central part of the city. The main curable factor is the sea, that’s why Batumi is the climatic resort.

Resort Kobuleti is located on the Black Sea, in the north-western of Batumi, on the 5 meter above sea level. The thin-sanded coastal park is the beauty of Kobuleti, characterized is the radiation of the sun, which makes the good conditions for heliotherapy. 

Resort “Mtsvane Kontskhi ” (Green Cape) is the diamond of Adjara. Here is one of the unique botanical garden of Batumi in the world, which is full with tourists almost all day and surprises them. Here are all conditions for making holiday on the sea and in nature.

Beshumi Resort is climatic and balneotherapeutic health resort, is located on the 1830 meter above seal level, on the Goderdzi Pass. The main curable factor is fresh air and a less humidity, a lot of ultra-violet sunbeams, good drink and mineral waters, rich flora

Resort Tsikhisdziri is located on the 19-th km in northern from Batumi, is grown on the highland of Tsikhistdziri, sloping down into the sea and build the cape, which divides the coast into two parts: south (the coast is very wide sanded, the sun shines for a long time, the sea-front is deep) and north (the coast is thin and swimming is possible for everybody). Resort is built on the 60-90 meter above sea level, on this territory is located the oldest “Petra-Kajeti” castle, built in the 6-th century. The main factors of the resort are the sea and sun bathes.